Short Course: GNSS


Course Outline

The course offers a combination of background information and hands-on experience using a variety of functions presented by GNSS technology. The material is presented using a combination of Power Point presentation, discussions and practical workshops to capture the individual learning preferences of the participants.

1.    Coordinate System

To make any sense of the GNSS technology in use, an understanding of various coordinate systems is necessary. For example, what is WGS84 of ERTF89 and how does this relate to National Grid or any other map projection? Why do we have map projections anyway? These are some of the questions that will be answered in a simple to understand way.

2.    How does it work?

Here we go slightly beyond the “switching on of the Receiver” process and provide some background information on how the system works using GPS as the guiding technology. Once those workings become clear it is a simple step towards understanding certain operations and settings that are necessary to obtain the correct answers from the system.

3.    Kinematic Surveys

In this part we look more closely at the available Controller software and how to use the various functions. This part is mostly practical: exploring, using the example of Network RTK, how to carry out a Site Calibration or Localisation; how to perform a topographic survey and how to use the setting out functions. Performing Post Processing Kinematic surveys will also be covered.

4.    Static Surveys and Post Processing

A brief look at some processing software will enable the participants to download and process survey data, create files for uploading setting out data to the controller and briefly explore the static processing capability of the office software.

At the end of the course participants will receive all course material in a folder together with a certificate of completion.

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Download the course overview: 2 Day GNSS Course

Terms and conditions: TSA Short course Terms and Conditions