Point Cloud data courtesy of Spatial Dimensions

Short Course: Reality Capture – Revit Fundamentals.

Reality Capture – Revit Fundamentals.

Reality Capture & Measured Survey Modelling for Surveyors

In association with GCF Design Ltd.

This course takes a surveyor from having captured data on site, whether that be from laser scanning or measured survey and introducing such data into Revit, such that 3D models and 2D outputs can be generated, annotated and presented.

Course Summary

  • A brief introduction to Revit.
  • Revit’s user interface.
  • Project setup.
  • Point cloud data / measured survey data into Revit.
  • Coordinate system.
  • Modelling principles.
  • Views, their creation, types and manipulation.
  • Phasing
  • Topography modelling.
  • Annotation & dimensioning.
  • Sheets & view placement
  • Data export.

Each course will include up to 5 hours* (TSA member) & 2 hours* (non-member) post-course telephone technical support per attendee.

*Telephone technical support – Each support request can take up to 1 hour or longer. However, if the inquiry can be resolved in less than one hour this will count as 1 hour’s support.