Short Course: AutoCAD for Surveying

AutoCAD for Surveying

AutoCAD for Surveying

This 2-day course, run in association with Technical BIM Studio, is specifically aimed at new and current AutoCAD users in the geospatial profession. It ranges from understanding the basic AutoCAD environment to working with client/architectural drawings that may need scaling, grid rotation and fitting etc.

Course Summary

AutoCAD Basics

  • Understand AutoCAD Environment & how to use the toolbar.
  • Project set-up and templates
  • Layer Management, Inserting Drawing, Blocks & Xrefs.
  • Annotation & viewport scale

Working with Survey Data

  • Understanding UCS and Coordinate system
  • Control line visibility
  • Topography digitisation from dxf
  • Scale & grid rotations
  • Finding measurements – area and distances

Working with backdrops

  • Methods for converting paper drawings to AutoCAD.
  • Importing and working with Raster Images
  • Turning off the frame, adjusting quality, and controlling transparency
  • Importing a PDF file
  • Scaling & Osnaps with PDFs
  • Controlling a PDF display
  • Importing a PDF as an AutoCAD drawing
  • Reconstructing imported SHX fonts


  • Sheet Layout and Title Blocks
  • Scaling & adding a scale bar.
  • Exporting and printing – to PDF, plotter etc.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 students.

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Download the course overview: 2-Day AutoCAD for Surveying

Terms and conditions: TSA Short course Terms and Conditions